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6 assorted monographs (11 and 12 Degrees).pdf - Free download as PDF File . pdf), AMORC - Rosicrucian Order TEMPLE MONOGRAPH NUMBER ONE. Old AMORC monograph - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Old AMORC monograph, grade AMORC. Illuminati Section. Psychic Awakening. Number 5. Dear Fratres and the thyroid gland, which, as we shall see in our next special monograph, is.

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Amorc Monographs Pdf

Rosicrucian "Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis" Atrium 1 based rosicrucian order, as part of the order's "Master Monographs" (writings). Degree. Monograph. Fifty. Eleventh. Degree. Monograph. Fifty. The matter contained herein is officially issued through the Supreme Council of the A. M. O. R. C. AMORC Unmasked: The hidden mind control techniques of the Rosicrucian order were my Rosicrucian monographs and their promise of improving my life.

Firstly: But because of the exercises involve and the requirement to be successful in these impossible exercises, members can easily spend two to three years before completing the neophite section. This is true in a sense, but isnt that true for anything, example if you are training in a martial arts class, you will be required to learn certain moves, if you cannot learn them you could spend years learning. This is not a problem as in the end it will advance you, and the exercises listed in the monographs are not impossible, people are developed at different stages, some may take longer, some may take shorter, but the important point is that if you cannot be successful you move on and keep trying the exercises, AMORC does not tell you you cannnot advance until you complete the exercises. Secondly: Then there is the Temple degree section that have 12 temple degree. With the highest degree being the 12 temple. There is an initiation before each degree from the Neophite section to the 12 temple degree. There are degrees after the 12th degree firstly, and yes there are initations but they are in way brainwashing, as explained on AMORC's site they are ritual dramas, ancient egpytians used them all the time, but of course the initations are optional, you do not need to do them at all. AMORC does not force you to take part only that they recommend it. Although they do ask you to do the home initiations which I do not see how they can brainwash you either. Thirdly: It take a good 15 to 20 years to a member that take AMORC teaching seriously to reach the 12th temple degree. If this a negative point, I do not understand how you can say that, considering everything someone wants to aspire to may take even longer.

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Old AMORC monograph 12-1

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Rosicrucian "Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis" Atrium 1 package, - WikiLeaks

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Rosicrucian leaked secret documents

Tips for Sources After Submitting. Neophyte section Like in ancient times, if a person wanted to study the great mysteries of the world, they would have to petition for admittance as a student and become a Neophyte. The Neophyte would be granted admittance to the Atrium, or reception chamber to the temple.

In the Atrium the Neophyte would receive the preliminary instructions and beginning teachings, before they would be allowed entry into the temple. Following ancient times the Rosicrucian monographs are called Atrium lessons, and beginning Rosicrucian students are called Neophytes.

Introductory lessons Presents basic Rosicrucian concepts that can be applied in practical ways. One of the first things the students will learn as a Neophyte is that they are a dual being.

In addition to the student's five physical senses, the student also has a psychic sense. The exercises in these introductory lessons are designed to gradually awaken and develop the psychic faculty.

The exercises allow the students to discover for themselves through direct experience how these principles work. Topics include:.

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